Jeff and his team gave us invaluable insights from their strategic business analysis into the key business growth opportunities. They were able to identify significant market opportunities and advise on how to most effectively exploit these for the benefit of Colt. They also played a major role in repositioning the brand and the early results have been very positive.

Nick Buckingham
UK Managing Director

The input of The Charlotte Street Agency has been a bit of an eye-opener to say the least. I gave them Spectral, our unknown architectural brand, to see what they could do. They made a significant and positive difference to the business. Spectral has grown from almost nothing to become one third of the RIDI UK’s business. They are now also handling the main RIDI brand and have become the only external marketing communications company we work with.

Mike Attard
MD, RIDI Lighting Ltd

The ‘Overflowing with helpful ideas’ campaign greatly increased awareness and successfully linked the brand and company names with the novel but relevant mole spokesman and an emphasis on the extra lengths Geberit go to, to help their customers. This paid dividends for the business right across the marketplace. The company is in no doubt about the significant contribution that the campaign made towards the double digits sales increases achieved right across the range in fairly tough market conditions.

Mark Larden
MD Geberit UK

The Charlotte Street Agency is a rarity in the London marketing arena: they are straight talking and know what they are talking about. When they are working out what marketing will make the most sense for your business, you always feel they are putting themselves in your position and they are looking outward from your business rather than in. They don’t give stock agency advice or solutions. It’s no surprise then that their work for us has helped to increase our membership enquiries. That’s why we continue to work with them.

Tim Hughes
Deputy Executive Director, IBA

A few years into the Techo campaign and I was awarded a ‘Lifetime Contribution to the Furniture Industry’. Fame at last. Fortune (not as much as I’d like) followed when I sold the business. Jeff and his team are now working with me in my new venture, Max Furniture.

Barry Foley
CEO, Techo UK

The costs of selling our niche property developments to Far East markets were skyrocketing. They’d quadrupled in just three years and were becoming prohibitive. We asked The Charlotte Street Agency to investigate how we could get this under control and make savings, whilst achieving the sales we need. Jeff’s research for us in Hong Kong was incredibly insightful and useful. It demonstrated that the massively expensive route to market we had been taking was inappropriate. They identified a more efficient, dramatically lower-cost way to achieve our sales and thus increase profits.

Scott Levy
English Rose Estates

What Jeff and his team did for us at Gatic was much more than just supplying advertising and our website. They rebranded the business from top to bottom, providing valuable insights and strategic direction to help us expand our business. The Charlotte Street Agency effectively became our marketing department.

Justin Carter
Commercial Manager, Gatic

Charlotte Street’s advertising has played an important role in building the Thrislington brand and market position. We are easily the most expensive product on the market yet we are seen as providing the best value for money. The latest campaign has made a massive difference to our awareness and reputation, creating many new and valuable high quality architect contacts both here and overseas.

Patrick WIlson
MD, Thrislington Sales