Not surprisingly, given that the original development of Slotdrain was for airports, where Gatic Covers were already well established, Gatic was known in the drainage business for its heavy drainage products. Sales outside the heavy sector were equally profitable, but hard to come by.


A series of depth interviews with specifiers (engineers, building contractors and architects) highlighted a very real perception problem that was holding back Slotdrain sales in the light sector. In essence, their “heavy” heritage led to them being seen as “over-engineered” for the light sector. This translates into being seen as overly expensive. Rather than the obvious route of “we’re good value for money, really” (which is more likely to reinforce, rather than overcome, the expensive perception), we promoted the hell out of the light projects they had done, to get people comfortable with them for such jobs.

The implementation involved a series of print ads and digital ads, new sales literature, an exhibition stand at Ecobuild, revised website (for the whole of Gatic, not just Slotdrain) and an html campaign.



After the first year of activity

  • Slotdrain preference versus channel gratings (the alternative system) increased significantly
  • Awareness increased, making them the second best-known brand in the whole market.
  • Significant increases in “relevant for” Low capacity/ Light loading projects.
  • Gatic Slotdrain’s positive brand attributes were now better amongst the key audiences than the market leader.
  • The new website enjoyed an 11% increase in visitors in the first two months alone; whilst time spent increased by 45%, with page views up by 77%.
  • So what?!
  • In the light sector, Slotdrain sales increased by 44% in the first year of activity.
  • Whilst, across the board, Slotdrain sales were up 26%… with no negative impact on margins.

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