Geberit Terrain


Geberit, ‘advanced plumbing technology’ had brought the low-tech Terrain drainage business to give it some traction and a solid base in the UK. This now posed two problems. Firstly, the intention was at some point to drop the Terrain name in favour of Geberit. Secondly, Terrain was out of kilter with the market: brand share was declining and it needed a serious boost – effectively a re-launch.


To build awareness and demand to increase sales, branding with longevity was required. Research underlined how builders, plumbers, other specifiers and merchants looked for help from their suppliers to ease their workload. Eschewing the superficial “turn your ideas into reality”, we elected to focus on a corporate brand message. But we also needed a highly memorable branding to cross all messages and all media, as well as the impending name change. We dug deep and came up with the Mole to be the spokesperson for ‘Overflowing with helpful ideas’.


  • “The ‘Overflowing with helpful ideas’ campaign greatly increased awareness and successfully linked the brand and company names with the novel but relevant spokesman and an emphasis on the extra lengths Geberit will go to, to help their customers. This has paid dividends for the business right across the marketplace. The company is in no doubt about the significant contribution that the campaign has made towards the double digits sales increases that we achieving right across the range in what were fairly tough market conditions.” – Mark Larden, MD Geberit
  • Greatly improved awareness.
  • Given great scope in relaunching the Geberit terrain brand.
  • Emphasis on extras lengths we will go to help our customers.
  • Paying dividends for the business right across the business.
  • Significant contribution to double-digit sales increases in fairly tough market conditions.
  • Campaign sufficiently versatile (Ads, POS, Promotions, PR, Cuddly Mole, Digital, Literature, Exhibitions) to run for many years.
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