Techo UK had enjoyed good growth in the burgeoning office furniture industry, but was plateauing. The brand needed a boost to get over the next hurdle and help build long term and profitable growth. The specialist press was bursting at the seams with ads for this desk system and that task chair. Techo needed to stand out from the crowd to achieve long lasting success.


Research indicated for Techo’s two routes to market, furniture dealers and interior fit out companies, that office furniture was not just about desks and chairs. Service, trust and integrity are key issues. So we focused on the main man, Barry Foley, who is committed to enjoying a trusting partnership with his clients, which recognises the realities of office furniture contracts. He understands the importance of honesty and integrity throughout and is determined to act with clarity and transparency whatever the issue. We produced a properly integrated long running ad campaign, a new website and literature packaging all based on the new brand positioning.


  • “Several people said: ‘you’ve started advertising!’ – we’d advertised for years!”
  • “People still tell me they see my ads even though they haven’t run for a couple of years.”
  • “50+ people responded to the first ad by phone, email and personal showroom visits.”
  • “The Sidiz ad in particular served to launch the product in double-quick time.”
  • “Business activity increased with existing dealers and a number of new dealers, prompted by the ads, joined our network.”
  • “‘Friendly competitors’ phoned to make fun of me – showed it was working!”
  • “A number of respondents took the trouble to say that our claims of high service levels were entirely justified – very gratifying.”
  • “A great deal of Techo’s UK success stems from clever advertising. Techo is in a very competitive part of the furniture sector and needs to shout very loud. The Charlotte Street Agency has done a great job for me in the UK and the company in general.”
    Barry Foley
    , CEO Techo UK

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