Thrislington Cubicles


Having worked with Thrislington for many years we had helped them successfully pioneer a profitable niche market, with the creation of the premium sector for pre-fabricated toilet cubicles. The competition, mainly larger and more diversified brands, watched, envied and then acted. They improved the look and functionality of their products; they upped their marketing, investing their greater resources in more advertising, better literature and website; employed more salesmen and aggressive pricing.

We needed to protect and then increase the level of price premium, whilst introducing new line extensions, to leap back ahead of the competition.



Working closely with the client, a new fully integrated ad campaign, literature suite and website were developed. Specifically, we had to make Thrislington the best known and best respected brand amongst the more tightly defined target audience of key specifying architects. The advertising re-presented the core brand values (quality of engineering and design = value for money) in a way that was both relevant and creatively outstanding to justify the massive price premium as well as opening a dialogue with architects not known to them. We needed more of everything – but on an unchanged budget.


  • Advertising awareness almost doubled from 31% to 60%.
  • Familiarity with Thrislington shot up from 43% to 71%. (Significant, as familiarity is crucial to organic searches and in building specifications.)
  • Thrislington’s top rating, well ahead of the competition, for product quality and design quality, drove a significant increase in “prepared to specify” – up to 69% of architects.
  • Despite the massive price premium, Thrislington was seen as easily the best value for money, scoring 5.1 out of 6, whilst the other five main competitors were all between 3.7 and 4.3.
  • This generated a steady flow of enquiries and specifications from many of the higher profile architect practices, both in the UK and overseas, resulting in a significant step forward in the company’s growth and profits.

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